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Calling all H&F residents - your voice matters!

7 Sept 2023

We want to hear your thoughts on the proposed new Model of Care for Community-based Specialist Palliative Care in North West London.

Save the date and join us for an engaging online event on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, 6pm to 7:30pm. Your insights are invaluable, so don't miss out - register here.

The new model of care builds on previous engagement, and has been co-designed over the last year by a working group of NW London residents, along with clinicians, NHS providers and charitable hospices with the ultimate goal of making sure there is improved access to high quality services.

For in-depth information, visit the website where you'll find a comprehensive document, a concise summary, and an easy-to-digest infographic. Prefer to write down your thoughts? Share your views with our quick online survey or email us at

Together, let's make sure everyone gets the best care possible. Your feedback is vital!

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