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H&F Patient Reference Group Elects New Chair

1 May 2023

As a resident of Hammersmith & Fulham, I’m honoured and delighted to take on the responsibility of Chair of the H&F Patient Reference Group. I’m hoping to continue the good work started by the previous Chair, Trish.

For me I see my role as Chair is to tap into all the knowledge that the group have, to allow everyone to have their say, to listen to their concerns and to draw up action plans to make a difference for the residents of the Borough. It’s easy to find things that are wrong, the Patient Reference Group will attempt to come up with practical answers.

Even though I’m the Chair, I’m not the most important person of group, it’s the residents who attend the meeting who are the most important people. For me, I will strive to build a working relationship with the H&F Health and Care Partnership, to ensure we have true co-production and to raise concerns from the Patient Reference Group.

The next meeting is taking place 15th June 2023, 2.30-4.30pm in person at the Irish Cultural Centre. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Val on 07768801932 or email

Thanks for reading, Peter Hamm


“Really positive to have the Patient Reference Group back up and running and great news to have a permanent Chair for the group. A really big thank you to Trish who took on the role temporarily to get us going again and wishing Peter all the best as he and the residents take this forward. Looking forward to the future topics and discussions.”


Susan Roostan, Acting HCP Director & Borough Director

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